without time we cannot age


Deconstructing a photograph

This is my photograph of the author, Dorothy Mills, which I reduced to barely recognizable bits of image that are teasingly familiar, yet completely unrecognizable. The viewer brings whatever sensibility they like to interpret the result.

Bloody Parliament

Stand about six feet from your screen and the English Houses of Parliament will appear upside-down.

Old York, old York

York, England, 1989

Mind the gap

York, England

Mind the gap

how high the moon?

man in the moon

how high the moon?

The original photo was taken at the 2008 Dali Fest in St. Petersburg, Florida. Go figure.


Has 2012 arrived early? Something ominous approaches, and it ain’t the Taliban.

2010 planet

Below is the original photo of a corroded outdoor finial that supplied the wonderful fractal pattern.

extreme tree

This tree seemed to be somewhat challenged in its appearance, so I spruced it up a little.

purple paradise

Naples, Florida, may not be known for outstanding architecture, but it’s always a pleasure to visit this complex, the Hibiscus Center.

Orville and Wilbur Redenbacher

These immortal siblings are responible for teaching man how to pop.

BTW This box doesn’t exist in nature, only in my head.